Vivante Health is an innovative digital healthcare company reinventing the way chronic conditions are managed. Our mission is to fill the unmet needs of people living with chronic conditions that are invisible, neglected or stigmatized, starting with digestive disease. Our health management ecosystem, GIThrive, empowers people, through brilliant technology and advanced science, to spend less time worrying about their digestive symptoms and more time living life.

Meet the Team

Founder & CEO

It’s our vision to out the stigmatized conditions others don’t want to talk about.

Chief Operations Officer

Over 22 years of healthcare expertise in both finance and operations

Senior Vice President

The time is now to address these invisible and often neglected conditions.

Director Product Strategy & Director Medicines

…helping patients get the most out of their meds using smart technology

SVP Business Development

My son has celiac disease, and 69,999,999 other Americans also…

VP Technology

I love the faster pace of work here, the focus on the individual members who use our products, and the team!

Microbiome Project Director

I’m a total science nerd in all aspects, including…wait for it…microbiology.

Health Sherpa, Care Team Lead, Account Manager

A disease may be chronic, but it doesn’t have to be debilitating.

Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Team Manager

…I can be the help that I didn’t have when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 10 years ago.

Regional VP of Commerce, Midwest

I am both excited and honored to work with an organization that not only brings attention…

Regional VP of Sales, Western US

…I want to be able to help people, not just sell another commodity in the marketplace.


I love interacting with people, helping them get the best results from their meds…

Manager of Corporate Accounts

…the objective of every employee is to help as many people with their digestive health….

Director of Systems Architecture

I’m responsible for the architectural design, development…

CEO Personal Assistant

Why I love my job with Vivante: Amazing team to work with!!!

Director of Software Architecture

…to ensure it’s easy for our partners to work with us.

Regional VP of Commerce, Eastern US

…what it’s really all about for me is drastically improving quality of life for the individuals we engage

Life-Work Coach

…all physical illnesses have biological, psychological, and social components. Vivante’s approach acknowledges this!

IT Business Analyst

Vivante’s vision is the same thing that inspired me to be an engineer…

AVP Care Management

Everybody deserves to have a stellar support system…

Global Nurse, RN

I am a registered nurse with over 8 years of experience…

…experience licensed clinical social worker-counselor, and I love helping people make the most out of life.

Nutrition Team Manager

As a clinical dietitian in hospitals, I witnessed the effects food has on our being.

UI/UX Designer

My latest addiction: The startup ecosystem

Director of Web Apps Development

 I was an MC in late 90’s…

Lead Android Developer

Claim to fame: Did the circle of the Adriatic Sea on a motorcycle

Senior iOS Engineer

…and my position at Vivante never ceases to amaze me.

Front End Developer

My focus is on new technologies to make web applications faster, safer and more engaging.

Front End Developer

I joined Vivante Health because of the opportunity to make a platform that will help many people.

Software Engineer

…the opportunity to work with this great team in order to help people with chronic conditions

Communication Manager

Everyone here has a shared end goal…

Senior Back End Developer

…history in the e-learning industry.

Director Product Owner

…contributes to the common good, and I want to be part of it.

Nikos Voulgaris

Android Developer

Technology is a tool, one that fascinates me, and I can think of no better use for it than helping people be healthy.

Director of Quality Assurance

FACT: A user decides in the first 10 seconds if he or she wants to use a website/application. 

Director of Sales Relationships

…it’s never about what I can sell, but how my product can help the patient and meet the employer’s goals.

Junior Back End Developer

…studied computer engineering but developed a strong in interest in medicine…

Back-End Developer

Ever since I got my first PC at the age of 13, I was hooked for life.

Executive Director, Board of Advisors

…Medical Advisor to the City of Houston, instrumental in developing policies that addressed return-to-work issues.

Board of Advisors

Published over 100 papers in peer reviewed medical journals on employee health, productivity and disease management.

Board of Advisors

…most recently senior vice president of global benefits for Walmart Stores, Inc.

Board of Advisors

…more than two decades of experience leading drug discovery and development programs…

Board of Advisors

…we need a company that will take tackle these issues head-on, improve care, and reduce…