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70M Americans suffer from a chronic digestive condition.
That’s twice as many as diabetes.

Blue Credit Card and Green Cash Money


Annual cost of GI disease is a jaw-dropping $136 billion—greater than heart disease, trauma, or mental health.1

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Every year, there are 8.3 million ER visits for digestive complaints.2

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Prescription drugs for ONE person with digestive disease can cost $72,000/year.3

Revolutionizing Digital Health, Gut First

Since 2016, Vivante Health has been revolutionizing digestive health and wellness, one person at a time. Our category-defining digital health solutions provide personalized, comprehensive care for people with digestive conditions. Our all-in-one digestive health program GIThrive® combines clinically-backed interactive tech, targeted nutrition, and 24/7 personal support to improve digestive disease outcomes, and reduce the cost of care.

How We Help Employers

We reduce healthcare costs for employers

You probably recognize the high cost of chronic diseases and conditions like diabetes and musculoskeletal problems, but do you know that digestive diseases are costing even more? Many digestive conditions and symptoms are hidden behind various diagnostic codes, and off-label prescriptions, so they can be difficult to track down. 

We increase employee productivity and reduce absenteeism

Beyond the direct financial impact, unmanaged digestive conditions can lead to several indirect costs from absenteeism and presenteeism. Through 24/7 personalized healthcare, our GIThrive program helps members manage and reduce their symptoms, and prevent flare-ups—meaning your employees with gut issues can get back to work with fewer interruptions.

Connecting With Patients and Employers

We increase employee engagement

We help you empower your employees. Social stigma from digestive condition can cause deteriorated mental health and social withdrawal. We see that when our members gain control of their condition, they also gain back their confidence, and their general outlook improves.

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Annual Healthcare Costs Statistics
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Total GI-Related Medical Spend
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Additional Cost Increase Over 2 Years, if Untreated

How We Help Employees

It’s not just hard to function when you’re experiencing painful and often-embarrassing digestive symptoms. Research shows strong links between the gut and our immune response, metabolic conditions like diabetes, and our mental health. With GIThrive, our members are able to reduce the impact that disease has on their life:

  • Better overall health
  • Increased quality of life
  • Increased energy and ability to focus at work
  • Personalized care and someone to call 24/7
  • Behavioral therapy for better habits and medication adherence

Megan changed my life. She’s so amazing and I’m just very grateful to have enrolled.

—Lizette A.,
GIThrive Member

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