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Did you know there are millions upon millions of bacteria inhabiting every turn and fold of your digestive tract? It’s true.

The more diverse the bacterial population, the happier the balance is between digestion, gas production and nutrient absorption. When certain bacteria get too high in number, though, symptoms occur: gas, pain, bloating, diarrhea, nausea, chills, vomiting, exhaustion, brain fog, and even skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis…

We can help.


We call it a GutCheck or, scientifically speaking, the microbiome analysis. We identify exactly what’s living in the gut and then tweak the balance of these microorganisms so they are working optimally—with the body, not against it.

How do we do it?

To perform a GutCheck, we use the most accurate and reliable testing process in the world. No other health management program offers such cutting-edge insight. So how do we do it?

Well… it starts with a poop sample.

It’s really not bad. Users get step-by-step collection instructions mailed to their door. It’s all completed, sealed and shipped from the comfort of their home, easy peasy. The GIThrive Dietitian will go over the results using an easy-to-follow report.

Set it Right

When we know exactly which bacteria are overpopulating the GI tract, we can target the imbalance. We’ll set it right with therapeutic nutrition and even minimize reactions to triggers so food can be enjoyable again!


There’s no universal plan for increasing bacterial diversity. Everyone’s gut ecology is different. We break down each user’s GutCheck results so they’re relatable and easy to understand. We compare the results to healthy averages and then provide diet, medication and lifestyle coaching tailored to the individual.

Personalized Nutrition

We take personalized nutrition a step further with GIMate®, the innovative breath device that takes the guesswork out of trigger foods.* Just breathing into this tiny device after meals and logging any symptoms on the GIThrive app helps the member uncover food sensitivities and patterns they may have never noticed. Results are automatically uploaded to the system.

Using this data, along with GutCheck results and the GIThrive symptom log, our registered dietitians can fine tune the perfect food plan for each user’s body.



*GIMate is for investigational purposes only and not cleared by the FDA.