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GIThrive is so much more than just an app.

It brings together, in one place, everything you need to take control of your digestive trouble and achieve lasting relief.


Clinical Nutrition Plans That Work
Heal the gut. Achieve remission. Control symptoms.

YOU become the expert on your condition.

Smarter Meds
Better results. Fewer side effects. Reduced dependence.

Care Team
1:1 support. Pharmacist, Dietitian, Life-Work Coach, and Health Sherpa®

24/7 Gut-Side Assistance™
On-demand support right when you need it—no waiting for an appointment.

Communication Your Way
Video, voice, text chat…reach your Care Team however you choose.

A Safe Place
Connect with others who have the same condition.

Predictive Analytics
Get alerts BEFORE a flare. Avoid trips to the ER.