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GIThrive® is so much more than just an app.

It brings together, in one place, everything necessary for better health, gut first.

GIThrive Program Features

Clinical Nutrition Plans That Work
Heal the gut. Achieve remission. Control symptoms.

GIMate® Device
Handheld personal breathalyzer that measures digestive activity to pinpoint trigger foods.

GIMate is for investigational use only and is not cleared by the FDA.

Let’s see what you’re made of…™

At-home microbiome test kit. Cutting-edge insight for TRULY personalized care.

Smarter Meds Program
Unbiased truth about Rx drugs for reduced dependence, fewer side effects, and cost savings.

24/7 Gut-Side Assistance™
On-demand support right when it’s needed—no waiting for an appointment.

Human Care Teams
Dedicated Dietitian and Health Sherpa® to champion our members’ needs, backed by an expert team.

Relevant Info & Education
Life-changing empowerment courses for healthy habits that last.

Practical Solutions
Science-based tips, tricks and insight proven to work.