GIMate Overview

Identify your unique symptom triggers with hydrogen testing in the comfort of your home.

The Science Behind the GIMate

Part of digestion happens when bacteria breaks down carbohydrates in a process called fermentation. When fermentation occurs in the colon, gases are released, causing symptoms like bloating, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Some of the gases created by fermentation are then absorbed into the bloodstream.

Eventually, when blood reaches the lungs, these gases are expelled from the body in our breath. The GIMate helps us look at how hydrogen produced by the fermentation of poorly absorbed carbohydrates is associated with uncomfortable abdominal symptoms.

The GIMate measures and records hydrogen levels in your breath before and after eating. These hydrogen levels are mapped to foods eaten and symptoms experienced to create personalized diet suggestions.

This is all in collaboration with your Dietitian, with the goal of feeling your best! The GIMate measures hydrogen gas levels on a scale from 0-100 parts per million. Each person will have a different baseline level and will feel differently at each level. You may find that you feel fine at a certain level. Others, however, could feel miserable at that same level.

How your GIMate Works

The GIMate is a wellness monitor used to measure breath hydrogen. We’re not the first to use this technology — GI clinics, laboratories, and researchers have been using this technology for years. In these settings, patients follow a strict diet, fast in the morning, and then drink a specific solution before their test. Afterward, their breath is checked every 15-60 minutes for up to 4 hours. In contrast, the GIMate does not require a strict diet and you can use it at home. You won’t get a diagnosis based on the readings — but you will see how your body reacts to your meals, snacks, and beverages in the real world, in real-time. 

Using your GIMate

  1. Once your GIMate arrives, charge it for about 12 hours. You’ll find your charging cable in the box, along with extra mouthpieces.
  2. To pair your GIMate, make sure that your GIMate is on and that you enable Bluetooth on your phone. Your readings will automatically populate on your tracking screen.
  3. Pair your GIMate before you use it, as all previous readings will be erased once you pair for the first time.
  4. Each time you use your GIMate, it will take 65 seconds to warm up. Beeping will then start, and you will immediately blow into the breath straw for 5 seconds. This should be a normal single continuous breath (like blowing out a candle) — no need to blow forcefully.
  5. As your GIMate counts down, start to inhale so you will be prepared to exhale when your GIMate starts to beep. Form a complete seal around the breath straw while you exhale. Do not inhale while the breath straw is in your mouth.
  6. The GIMate readings are all about how they compare to your baseline. When you are using the GIMate it is best to measure at three different times. You should take breath readings (1) when you first wake up before you brush your teeth or have anything to drink, (2) right before you eat a meal, and (3) two hours after you started eating your meal.

How to use your GIMate


  • How do I open this box?
    • One of the sides is magnetic, try to pull the flap that is on the right side of the box when you are looking at the “breathe your way to a happy gut” side of the box.
  • What are the best tips for using your GIMate?
    • Place your GIMate next to your bed for your fasted morning reading. Set an alarm on your phone or on your GIMate to help you remember to retest two hours after you start your meal.
  • How do I know if I’m breathing the right amount of time?
    • Exhale into the tube while it’s beeping (about 7 seconds) – make sure to not exhale too early or too forcefully.
  • How often can I use the GIMate?
    • The maximum collection is 2 samples in 15 minutes to allow your GIMate to cool between uses.
  • Can I control the beeping?
    • You can silence the GIMate in settings.
  • Is there anything I shouldn’t do while using the GIMate?
    • Do not smoke (including e-cigarettes) before using your GIMate.
  • Can I share it?
    • No, do not share the GIMate, this device is meant for personal use.
  • How do I stop the warm-up once it’s started?
    • Swipe up to cancel.
  • What do I do if I get a breathing error?
    • Select ‘breathe’ and start warming up the device again.