“Implementation has really been a pleasure. Our CSM is very professional and always prepared ahead of schedule. He took care of all the details and did all the work.  All we really had to do was show up for the calls.”

Mary McPartland, Operations Manager, Reta Trust, Gallagher Benefit Services of California Insurance Services

Smooth Implementation

I’ve had a fantastic experience. Thank you for doing what you’re doing. I wouldn’t have reached out to get this kind of help without my employer paying for it because it would be too expensive. I have severe GI issues and I’m so happy to have this opportunity.

Thankful Employer is Covering the Cost

[…]What we like about Vivante is that they are on our employees’ side to help them get through the healthcare system and bring them the resources they need to get better. At the end of the day for our healthcare plan, Vivante is really key to our strategy to empower those with chronic illnesses… Vivante is comfortable helping our employees figure out what it is that meets their needs and working with them to get them on the road to being more confident and feeling better about their health.

On our employee’s side

…I found help through my employer’s Vivante program. Vivante connected me with a Health Sherpa, my personal assistant, to help me. She was awesome, easy to talk to and just got things done for me. I feel more confident that I am connected to them, less stressed, and feel a lot better.

Found help through employer’s Vivante program