Director of FP&A

I love spending time with my kids, and that’s where most of my spare time goes.

VP of Product

Building an experience that will translate into improving someone’s health and quality of life is incredibly fulfilling.

VP, Care Management

Everybody deserves to have a stellar support system…

Vice President Client Success

…began my career treating patients of all ages suffering from chronic diseases. Over the years, I realized the role technology would have on improving healthcare delivery and…

Director of Business Operations

It is very fulfilling to work on effective solutions that drive improvements in people’s lives.

Paul Elsass

VP of Commerce

My son has celiac disease, and 69,999,999 other Americans also…

Regional VP of Commerce, East Coast

…helping people manage digestive health, something that no one else is doing… that’s exciting!

Jacqueline Henning Headshot

Associate Product Manager

Associate Product Manager Bio: I got my start in product during my master’s program where I helped develop a clinical decision support application to improve physician’s nutrition counseling practices. When I branched out from my researcher role and started coordinating with different team members (design, engineering, clinical) during the development process, I realized product was the…

Mike Motulewicz Headshot

Engineering Manager

Engineering Manager Bio: Mike has 25 Years working in technology leadership roles for large companies such as Cambia Health Solutions, Salesforce, McAfee and also many startups. Over time he has increasingly focused on healthcare. Mike lives in Portland, OR with his partner, 2 dogs and a grouchy old cat. Smarts: B.S. Physics and B.S. Computer Science…