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Taking the guesswork out of trigger foods
No invasive procedures required

Coming Fall 2019: Meet GIMate®, the personal digestion monitor from Vivante Health.

This ingenious little device harnesses the same technology used by the top digestive health clinics and gastroenterology departments in the world. We’ve just made it smaller, non-invasive, portable and affordable.


When foods aren’t properly digested, our bodies release gas—hydrogen and methane—into the gut.

Some of this gas makes it into the bloodstream.

From there, it’s carried into the lungs.

GIMate measures these gas levels through a simple breath test.

These measurements—together with symptom and diet data tracked through the GIThrive® app—let us know which foods are compatible with your digestive system BEFORE a flare strikes. If you have a digestive disease, GIMate is a lifesaver.

But it doesn’t end there.

With GutCheck, we can go even deeper, with personalized diets matched to the specific bacteria in your GI tract…