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TRULY personalized care, facilitated by technology, grounded in proven science.

The GIThrive Program

Better health, gut first. Digestion is tied to all the body’s systems. But for most of us, managing digestive health isn’t easy. Our proprietary technology makes it simple. GIThrive brings together the scientific insight, medication tools, personal counseling, nutrition therapy, and on-demand support our users need to finally gain control over their digestive health. And when digestive health is on track, the results go far beyond the gut.

GIThrive App

The GIThrive app brings the whole program together in one easy-to-use place, accessible on the web or via the mobile app (Android and iOS).


The personal digestion monitor that takes the guesswork out of trigger foods, one breath at a time.


A complete scientific analysis of your unique gut microbiology…from the comfort of your own home.

Therapeutic Nutrition Plans

Food is medicine. Heal inflammation and even achieve remission from IBD with scientific food plans proven to work.

Gut-Side Assistance

24/7/365 support from a real human being right when you need it—no waiting for an appointment.