Food Trivia

Food Trivia: Test Your Gut Health Knowledge

By: Bryee Shephard, MS, RD Put your gut health knowledge to the test. Our focus today is on digestive health and the foods that may affect it. Take this short quiz. Then scroll down to see the answers. Food Trivia Quiz 1. When on a gluten-free diet, the 4 grains to avoid are: a. Wheat,…

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At Vivante, we’re the digestive health experts. We live for this stuff. Here’s a short summary of another academic article our gut health nerds found interesting… Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) SIBO is a medical term that just means part of the digestive system (the small intestine) is harboring way too much of a certain…

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Constipation: Why You’re Backed Up and What to do About It

By: Bryee Shepard, MS, Registered Dietitian, Vivante Health  Constipation. Most of us have dealt with it at some time or other, but have you ever actually discussed it with anyone? Probably not. Because of the taboo nature of GI symptoms, most of us tend to keep our bowel health to ourselves. This can make you…

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Wine and Egg diet

Boiled Eggs and Wine Diet?

Boiled Eggs and Wine Diet? Surely we know better now, don’t we? You’ve probably seen the boiled eggs and wine diet floating around social media. Rumor has it, this ran in a 1970s edition of a fashion magazine. We can just picture the carpool mom in bell-bottom jeans, cruising through the pick-up line at school in…

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