Inclusivity and Care: Addressing GI Health in the Workplace

As research increasingly proves the tight link between the microbiome, individuals’ gut health, and overall wellness, companies have the opportunity to close the gap of care for employees by offering inclusive, gut-first approach to health coverage while also opening a conversation that includes the often silent struggle with chronic digestive conditions that 70 million Americans suffer from.

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The Tight Link Between Digestive Health and Immunity

Staying healthy as the weather cools down is important, especially this year as COVID-19 continues to impact our lives. Digestive health plays an integral role in how well our immunity functions on a daily basis.  The digestive system has two primary functions: digestion (from absorption of nutrients to the elimination of waste) and maintaining the…

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Food Trivia

Food Trivia: Test Your Gut Health Knowledge

By: Bryee Shephard, MS, RD Put your gut health knowledge to the test. Our focus today is on digestive health and the foods that may affect it. Take this short quiz. Then scroll down to see the answers. Food Trivia Quiz 1. When on a gluten-free diet, the 4 grains to avoid are: a. Wheat,…

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