GIThrive Helps a Chaplain Find Hope for IBS: Ben’s Story

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) impacts 10-15 percent of adults worldwide with symptoms ranging from pain, gas, diarrhea and/or constipation. Many patients suffer for years, struggling with what to eat and how to best prevent flare-ups. That was the case for Ben F., a chaplain at a Maine medical center. He was diagnosed with IBS-C (IBS…

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How GIThrive’s 1:1 Guidance Changed a Member’s Life: Lizette’s Story

Millions of people struggle with weight and digestive issues like heartburn every single day—and these problems can feel overwhelming. However, access to proper gut-health guidance can make a tremendous difference by providing accountability and support to develop healthy habits. In this blog, one of our GIThrive members shares her relatable story of how her health…

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Why and How of Meal Prep: 5 Simple Steps

The Why and How of Meal Prep: 5 Simple Steps

By: Bryee Shepard, MS, RD, Vivante Health Dietitian Meal preparation is a hot topic these days on blogs and social media. The food pics are gorgeous and colorful and make it seem so simple, yet intimidating at the same time. Maybe you’ve encountered in-the-know meal preparation folks in real life. You know the kind: they…

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