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The Goal: FEWER prescriptions, LOWER doses and SHORTER duration

It seems like doctors prescribe meds for everything.
Are they really necessary?

Sometimes…yeah. If you have a chronic condition, meds can literally be the difference between life and death or a good day and a bad one. That is, if they are taken correctly. At least 50% of adults don’t take their meds as prescribed.

    There are many reasons:

  • $$$
  • Do they actually work?
  • Scary side effects
  • Regimen is too intense

The thing is, for digestive diseases the consequences of NOT taking recommended meds can lead to intense flare-ups, repeated ER visits, damaged gut tissue, and eventually surgeries to remove more and more of the inflamed gut. Not good.

Our approach to meds is different. We actually listen to you. We uncover exactly what’s in the way of you getting the best out of your prescribed drugs. Then, we do something about it. We help YOU become the expert on your meds.

Turns out, when you understand what you’re taking and why, how to minimize side effects, and how to make your meds work even better with food and lifestyle tweaks, a magical thing happens:

You become less dependent on the meds! What does this mean?
FEWER prescriptions, LOWER doses and SHORTER duration

It doesn’t stop there. We take it even further with the concept of food as medicine.

Therapeutic Nutrition