How It Works

GIThrive is a comprehensive digital health program for relief of digestive conditions and improvement of gut health. Personalized, 24/7 support at your fingertips through our all-in-one platform.

Comprehensive Digital Platform

GIThrive is our all-in-one technology platform. By using a holistic approach, we provide more actionable insights than ever to help your members manage their digestive conditions.

Expert Insights & Guidance

Members get 24/7 support from nurses, a registered dietitian, and a Health Coach, who are in turn supported by a multidisciplinary team of pharmacists, research psychologists, microbiome scientists, and gastroenterology professionals.

GutCheck Microbiome Analysis

When GIThrive members send in their GutCheck, it starts a conversation. The Care Team gets a clear view of a member’s individual gut chemistry to help guide personalized care plans.

Monitoring & Analysis

Our all-in-one solution combines nutrition education, one-on-one coaching, symptom monitoring, and individualized analysis to reduce dependence on specialty medications, increase quality of life, and prevent costly flare-ups.

The Science Behind Our Comprehensive Approach

The digestive system is deeply connected to every function of the human body. Gut health is intrinsically linked to everything from immunity to psychological well-being. Digestive diseases and conditions create serious challenges to a person’s physical health and overall quality of life.

How We Do It

Our multi-pronged approach to digestive health is based on gut’s connection to overall health. Vivante’s core focus: providing holistic, all-in-one care to address the many ways gut health impacts each individual on a personal level.

Personalized Intake

No two people are alike. That’s why GIThrive is designed to fit each person’s distinctive needs. Through our personalized intake survey, members get a tailored experience based on their specific symptoms, conditions and concerns. 

Care Team

Members are encouraged to connect with our GIThrive Care Team. Members have options for live chats and to schedule phone meetings with our registered dietitians and health coaches. Our care experts further tailor personal plans to improve digestive health.

Nutrition and Trigger Foods

Food is medicine. We offer guided support to plan meals, avoid trigger ingredients, and set healthy eating habits. An ever-growing healthy recipe library has ideas for most digestive conditions and recommended diets.

Gut-Brain Connection

Mental health and quality of life can be impacted when digestive health is in trouble. Stress and anxiety may even make digestive symptoms worse. Our health coaches are trained to talk out concerns and provide healthy support.

Behavioral Psychology

Healthy habits make a big difference. Behavioral tools in the app and recommendations from our Care Team help members to take actions everyday to feel better from the inside out. From breaking bad habits to forming new healthy ones, we customize recommendations based on real life.

Gut-Side Assistance

We’re here for emergencies. When symptoms there’s a flare-up our nurses are on-call 24/7, 365 days a year. We can help members find fast relief or determine if emergency medical assistance is needed. Making a first call to GIThrive can help avoid costly ER visits.

Guided by a personal Care Team


Traditional clinical care usually provides little detail about dietary restrictions, meaning that members are often unclear about which foods they should stay away from, and which foods are good for them to eat. Our registered dietitians work with members to create personalized nutrition and meal plans that are realistic and beneficial for the member. Many GIThrive users that work with our dietitians find that not only do they feel better, but that they are able to enjoy eating and preparing meals again.

Health Coach

Health Coaches are experts in assisting patients on their journey, and provide real-life human encouragement along the way. Because the gut is so closely tied with the brain, your members will have 24/7 access to our health coaches to guide them through the psychological effects of making significant behavioral life changes. Plus, health coaches provide support for keeping up with doctor’s appointments and prescriptions, asking informed questions in the clinical setting, and even getting more comfortable discussing their condition with close friends or family members.

What Conditions Can GIThrive Help?

We don’t often talk openly about problems with our gastrointestinal health. Yet, the diseases that attack our digestive system are some of the most common health problems in the world today.

Digestive disease is an umbrella term that encompasses dozens of diseases and disorders that involve the organs that help with the breakdown of food and liquid into substances that the body can use for energy, growth, and repair. When problems in these organs arise, they lead to conditions that produce painful symptoms and impact the overall health of your body.

Our digestive experts support members dealing with some of the most pervasive issues, such as:

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)


U.S. adults
(Includes Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
reported in


of U.S. adults

Celiac Disease impacts

1 in 133

of U.S. population



in the U.S.

Diverticular Disease


in the U.S.

Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease (GERD)
affects approximately


of adults



cases per year

Colorectal Cancer


diagnoses per year

Symptoms including, gas constipation, diarrhea, bloating, hemorrhoids, nausea—often caused by multiple or yet-diagnosed conditions