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Imagine struggling with a disease that no one, including you, wants to talk about. What’s more, imagine looking completely normal on the outside while inside you’re in misery. Digestive symptoms can range from a little gas and bloating to severe diarrhea that strikes throughout the day. These symptoms can make going to work or school, attending a party, or just having coffee with a friend a real challenge.

The emotional symptoms that go along with digestive disease are equally draining. Every day seems the same with no end in sight. Chronic pain and suffering can lead to depression and anxiety, low self-confidence, and desperation.

Firsthand Accounts

If my condition continues to get worse, I won’t be able to go to work anymore. I’m afraid, I’m nervous and scared. I’m at a loss.

I might look as though I feel fine some days, but I have Crohn’s, so I’m always dealing with it. My doctor just doesn’t seem to be able to help me or plan in any way.

‘Just a few bites won’t hurt, you can try this.’…but they don’t have to deal with the after effects when I’m doubled-over in pain and stuck in my house again.

Why These Diseases are so Hard to Manage

“I’m hiding the truth from my friends, family and colleagues.” 

Flares come with little or no warning. Symptoms can be embarrassing.

GIThrive Solution
24/7 Gut-Side Assistance

From the very first contact, GIThrive users feel supported. We understand the complexity of digestive symptoms, and our dedicated Care Teams have practical, effective solutions to share.

“It’s so confusing. What is the right treatment plan?” 

Prescriptions are expensive and come with side effects. Food is confusing. It can seem like everything causes a flare-up.

GIThrive Solution
Expert Care Team

Administrative issues, medication regimens, life-work balance, nutrition… GIThrive covers it allin a way that’s personalized, engaging and even fun for the user.

“Am I even seeing the right doctor(s)?” 

Finding the right doctor with the experience and specialization for specific symptoms can be tricky.

GIThrive Solution
Health Sherpa®

The Health Sherpa is here to handle everything: coordinating care, answering gut health questions, and guiding new users through the entire GIThrive program.