I’ve had a fantastic experience. Thank you for doing what you’re doing. I wouldn’t have reached out to get this kind of help without my employer paying for it because it would be too expensive. I have severe GI issues and I’m so happy to have this opportunity.

Thankful Employer is Covering the Cost

“Thanks to GIThrive, I’m focusing on slowing down when I eat and thoroughly chewing my food. It’s amazing how much less I eat when doing so. The hardest habit to break is thinking I gotta clean my plate because of those starving kids around the globe. I’m down 3 lbs in a week.” – GIThrive User

Chewing Slowly, Eating Less

When I found your program, for the FIRST time, it just made sense to me!

Making sense of digestive health

I am learning what this disease really is, what my trigger foods are, and how to minimize flare-ups.

Understanding my trigger foods

With advice and support from my team, I’m learning about my condition, my trigger foods and how to minimize flare ups. I’m so very grateful for the help and support.

GIThrive Care Team Support

…The truth was I needed some help, like a personal coach, to find the right care for me and my condition. I found this in Vivante; my Health Sherpa found the resources I needed, took care of the all things that were stressing me out, and put me on an eating program that has made an incredible difference in my life.

Eating program that has made an incredible difference in my life