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Your Team, Your Way
Built Around You

Research shows…
When we don’t have a great relationship with our healthcare providers, we’re less likely to trust them or follow their advice.

So, we do a bit of healthcare matchmaking between you and your Care Team members.


Your meds expert who also happens to be up to speed on the latest in gut health. Minimize side effects, reduce dependency, and get the best results from your Rx drugs.


Your personal expert on all things nutrition—making sense of trigger foods, sticking to a gut-healthy plan, walking you through clinical diets to achieve remission from IBD.

Life-Work Coach

Someone who really gets it. Your coach can share some clever symptom-reducing, stress-busting solutions you probably haven’t heard about before.

Health Sherpa®

A real live person to manage all the rest.


Through the GIThrive app, your Care Team is always on hand at the touch of a button—chat, text, video or voice call. No waiting weeks for an appointment.

What’s a Health Sherpa®?

Managing a chronic condition can be overwhelming. It’s tough keeping track of medication schedules, doctor appointments, insurance drama, not to mention everyday work and family obligations. Add in the anxiety of unpredictable symptom flares and it’s no wonder you can feel underwater.

Enter the Vivante Health Sherpa® A real live person to manage it all:

Compassion: Health Sherpas are kind, knowledgeable digestive health experts. They’re eager to listen and understand where you’re coming from.

Care Plan: Your Health Sherpa evaluates your needs, identifies barriers, and develops an overall care plan tailored to YOU.

GIThrive: Health Sherpas are GIThrive experts and guide you through the program, every step of the way, for the best possible outcomes.

Administrative Drama: Insurance problems, Rx issues, healthcare appointments—whatever the hassle, your Sherpa can help.

Let’s take a look at how it works...

Case Study

Janice G. was miserable. She felt her UC and Crohn’s were ruining her life. She had missed so much work because of symptoms like pain, gas and uncontrollable diarrhea that she was forced to leave her job. Her symptoms were so severe that at age 53 she was wearing adult diapers and afraid to leave her home. She felt isolated, depressed and hopeless. But that’s not all…

Janice’s Health Sherpa learned that she had PTSD from a past abusive relationship. She felt insecure and powerless. She was also overwhelmed with medical choices. She didn’t know if she was seeing the right doctors and didn’t understand her meds, and her insurance was complicated. Plus, she didn’t know what she could safely eat. It seemed like everything caused symptom flares. Janice was utterly hopeless, even confiding to her Health Sherpa that at times she had been suicidal.

Her Sherpa took immediate action:

  • She put Janice in contact with a Vivante life-work coach who quickly helped Janice gain confidence and see hope in her situation.
  • Janice’s Health Sherpa found her the right specialists, within her insurance network, to address each aspect of her condition.
  • Janice gained a new understanding of her options through one-on-one sessions with her Sherpa.
  • With the help of her Vivante pharmacist, Janice became an expert on her medications, learning how to maximize their effectiveness and minimize side effects.
  • With meal plans and simple food instructions from a dedicated dietitian, Janice was able to pinpoint exactly which foods were safe and which to avoid.

Throughout the program, Janice’s Health Sherpa was there to coordinate care and provide support.

Update from Janice:

“Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me, to listen and being willing to help me in ways I haven’t had access to. I felt like there was nothing left for me, total embarrassment and hopelessness. I felt like my life was over at 53. I have now found a doctor who is running some tests, I’m on a diet that has helped me and is easy to follow. Thank you so much for giving me hope and confidence. I am loving my life!”