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Could Your Poop Be Your Hidden Superpower?

Most of us aspire to be something great: an artist, hero, teacher, or leader. Maybe you just strive to be a great parent, neighbor, coworker, or friend. But there’s probably one place you never expected to find a hidden superpower: your poop. The Gut Microbiome A microbiome is the collection microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, and fungi)…

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Yep, Poop Transplants are a Real Thing

Okay, technically it’s not called a poop transplant. The actual name of the procedure is fecal microbiota transplant, FMT for short. FMT is based on a simple idea: Take a sample of bacteria from the gut of a healthy individual and transfer it to someone who’s got a disease, like Crohn’s or colitis, two inflammatory…

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