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Could Your Poop Be Your Hidden Superpower?

Most of us aspire to be something great: an artist, hero, teacher, or leader. Maybe you just strive to be a great parent, neighbor, coworker, or friend. But there’s probably one place you never expected to find a hidden superpower: your poop. The Gut Microbiome A microbiome is the collection microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, and fungi)…

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Your gut microbiome: Keeping it balanced

You may not know it, but some of your best friends are germs. There are over 100 trillion bacteria, fungi, archaea and viruses colonizing your gut right now. They’ve formed a cozy community, known as your gut microbiome, that’s quietly working on your behalf to aid digestion, fight off infection, and keep you healthy. When…

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Managing the Cost of Digestive Disease: Therapeutic Nutrition

To be blunt, the medical community is largely ineffective when it comes to educating patients on how big a role diet plays in their health. It’s not that providers don’t try; it’s the system itself. Due to limited face time between docs and their patients, missing resources, and a lack of collaboration between providers, patient…

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SCD for Crohn’s: A Diet Review

Using food as treatment therapy for Crohn’s disease isn’t a new idea. In fact, it’s a concept that has been around for decades, but only recently has it started to gain traction in scientific circles. In a push to find alternative treatment options, researchers are exploring just how much of an impact diet can have…

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Yep, Poop Transplants are a Real Thing

Okay, technically it’s not called a poop transplant. The actual name of the procedure is fecal microbiota transplant, FMT for short. FMT is based on a simple idea: Take a sample of bacteria from the gut of a healthy individual and transfer it to someone who’s got a disease, like Crohn’s or colitis, two inflammatory…

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Chrons Disease: Does exercise really make a difference

Crohn’s disease: Does exercise really make a difference?

At Vivante, we’re the digestive health experts. We live for this stuff. Here’s a short summary of another academic article our gut health nerds found interesting… Our dietitians and Health Coaches often tout the benefits of exercise to our GIThrive members, but is it all a bunch of hoopla? Are we overestimating the role of…

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