Constipation: Why You’re Backed Up and What to do About It

By: Bryee Shepard, MS, Registered Dietitian, Vivante Health  Constipation. Most of us have dealt with it at some time or other, but have you ever actually discussed it with anyone? Probably not. Because of the taboo nature of GI symptoms, most of us tend to keep our bowel health to ourselves. This can make you…

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Why and How of Meal Prep: 5 Simple Steps

The Why and How of Meal Prep: 5 Simple Steps

Meal preparation is a hot topic these days on blogs and social media. The food pics are gorgeous and colorful and make it seem so simple, yet intimidating at the same time. Maybe you’ve encountered in-the-know meal preparation folks in real life. You know the kind: they call it “meal prep” for short and always…

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