Alfred’s Psoriasis: A GIThrive Case Study on the Gut Skin Connection

The Gut-Skin Connection – Alfred’s Psoriasis: A GIThrive Case Study

Gut-Skin Connection You’ve probably heard a lot lately about the link between digestive health and emotional health. It’s a hot topic on social media, and if you just google “gut-brain axis,” there’s no shortage of scientific documentation explaining the enteric nervous system of the gut and how it communicates directly with the brain, impacting mood…

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Our Gut Microbiome - pt 2

Our Gut Microbiome, Part II: Gut Bacteria in Balance

By: Juliana Garcia, Microbiologist & Vivante Health Microbiome Director In our last blog post, we talked about the gut microbiome. We learned what it is, where it’s located, why it’s important, and (perhaps most interestingly) that the goal for overall health is a vast array of beneficial bacteria AND a small number of potentially harmful…

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Our Gut Microbiome, Pt 1

Our Gut Microbiome, Part I: More than a Few Pesky Bugs

By: Juliana Garcia, Microbiologist & Vivante Health Microbiome Director The gurgle in the stomach, the sudden hot flash and wave of nausea… Not far behind is the clutching of your belly, the explosive feeling that sends you darting to the nearest bathroom, praying you make it in time. Maybe you picked up a few bacterial…

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Nutrition 101 Back to Basics

Nutrition 101: Back to Basics

By: Bryee Shepard, MS, RD With all of this diet talk and attempting to keep up with the trends these days, I thought it would be an appropriate time to bring us back to basics. Think of this as “Nutrition 101.” This will likely be a refresher for many, but new information for others. I…

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Why Are Employees REALLY Missing Work?

“I’ve got a stomach bug.” “Umm, I’m having some bathroom issues.” “Yeah, I’m feeling really sluggish this morning.” “I’m a little under the weather.” “Look, I just can’t make it in today.” The phrasing may vary, but the culprit is the same—something people don’t want to talk about but that 74% of Americans struggle with…

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